Sound + Colour



Sound + Colour is a video and audio based project that aims to explore the relationships and differing perspectives and interpretations of music and colour.


The project uses the songs "Good Days" by SZA and "Void" by the Neighbourhood, which have different sounds and colour attached to them. Visualizations or music videos, were made with these songs in order to show how they appear to me through my perspective.


The project then shifts towards using interviews with participants that were conducted over Zoom to discuss expectations, interpretations, similarities, and differences of the visualizations that were made. 

SZA - Good Days:

A song that  promotes growth and leaving negativity in the past while also promoting progress and choosing happiness and positivity. 

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Solána Imani Rowe, also known as SZA, grew up in the suburban area of New Jersey known as Maplewood. Before becoming the artist she is today she studied marine biology at college and held customer service and serving jobs while she made her music on the side (Carmichael, 2020). Her efforts to make music on the side definitely paid off, as her music began to take off on SoundCloud in 2012, which led to her getting signed to Top Dawg Entertainment.  Since then this talented, soulful, and relatable R&B artist has accumulated Grammy nominations, has performed on the Coachella stage, and has collaborated with artists such as Beyonce, Post Malone, and Kendrick Lamar (Carmichael, 2020).

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The Neighbourhood -  Void:

  A song that illustrates the artists  internal struggle with his addictions and his desires to quit them. 

The Neighbourhood (NBHD) is a band that takes on many genres and influences, from rock and pop to indie and rap, they have tried a lot. Originally from Southern California, they are famously known for their song "Sweater Weather", which came off their 2011 platinum debut album "I Love You" (Sony Music 2020). The Neighbourhood is comprised of five members, Jesse Rutherford (vocals), Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels (guitarists), Mickey Margott (bassist), and Brandon Alexander (drummer).  They have many accomplishments under their belt, such as garnering over 1 billion streams and views throughout their career, while also having performances at Coachella, on late night show Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, and collaborating with artists such as YG and Denzel Curry (Sony Music, 2020). 


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